St. Louis Post-Dispatch endorses Gardner opponent for circuit attorney

“It’s all about turnout,” Rodney Boyd, host of Insider Talk.

The Marc Cox Morning Show
July 27, 2020 - 8:05 am

The Post has endorsed Mary Pat Carl, Kim Gardner’s opponent for the St. Louis City Circuit Attorney’s race.

Conservatives in the city are facing a similar decision as those in the county… do you pull a Democrat ballot in the primary?

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“It’s all about turnout,” says Boyd.

Typically, the primary turnout is significantly lower than the general. However, between Kim Gardner in the city and Sam Page in the county, there are some big decisions that could be decided in this primary.

Boyd also discusses the special session called by the Governor to address crime in the state. Initially, we thought the ‘residency rule’ in the city would not be addressed but Boyd says it may be up for discussion.

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