Sen. Blunt: Impeachment enhanced the likelihood of the Democrats voting on USMCA

The Marc Cox Morning Show
December 11, 2019 - 10:49 am

(KFTK) Senator Blunt believes that the House Democrats will vote to impeach the President.

“If they do that, no Republicans will vote for it,” says Sen. Blunt.

However, the Senator believes there will be enough Democrats to move this process to the Senate. Blunt explains the Senators will then act as ‘jurors’ as the case unfolds. Senator Blunt says the President and his legal team have decided they want to make their case in a fair forum – in this case, the Senate.

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The Senator also speaks on the House Democrats' decision to move forward with the USMCA. He warned us right before Thanksgiving that impeachment would tilt the hand in favor of USMCA and here we are.

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