Captain Ron Johnson: 'The actions of those officers in Minneapolis put a stain on them'

"Each and every time we have an incident like this, the outcry gets stronger and stronger," says retired Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson.

The Randy Tobler Show
June 09, 2020 - 7:30 am

(KFTK) –  Former Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson was tapped to lead the police response in Ferguson following the death of Michael Brown in August of 2014.  He shared his story in the book, 13 Days in Ferguson.

He says the current protests over the death of another black man at the hands of Minneapolis police officers are more encompassing.

"What I've seen this time, we're seeing a more diverse voice saying, 'enough is enough and we have to do something different," says Johnson, "I think it's awakening our country that we do have an issue, that we need to address and come up with solutions."

He says the police response to the protests needs to be addressed, "when I look at the police response, I think in some cities, we once again we started off in a more agressive way.  It seemed like we were, in some places, treating peaceful protesters the same as we were treating rioters and agitators and using the same plan.  And that can't be."

Johnson tells Randy that his experience has shown a different approach to peaceful protesters is helpful, "my mindset was to treat it like a parade, and have officers parallel those protesters so that they could begin to communicate, and they could begin to identifty the rioters and agitators who mask themselves behind  the shield of peaceful protest. When we have peaceful protesters walking down the street, and law enforcement is just standing on the other end of the street in a group to meet them, law enforcement doesn't have a way to address those agitators and looters that are in the middle of teh crowd, breaking into stores."  

Captain Johnson is the CEO and Founder of Lodestone Solutions Group.


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