Choosing the right doctor for your kids is a difficult choice

Dr. Jacqueline Jones says parents should start their pediatrician search and "go to your OBGYN, find out who they like, who they work with."

The Randy Tobler Show
January 03, 2020 - 7:30 am

(KFTK) –  Dr Jacqueline Jones joined Dr Tobler to promote her new book,  Medical Parenting: How to Navigate Health, Wellness and the Medical System with Your Child.

"Its a really hard process to find the right doctor," says Doctor Jones.  "Insurance panels don't give you any indicication on what you're walking into. As a health-care consumer and as a parent who wants to do the best for your child, you need to do your homework."

Jones says new parents should start with someone they already have a relationship with, their OBGYN. "They're going to look for someone who has a similar style, and a similar philosophy, and a similar geographic area and who probably has privileges  as the same hospital where you might have delivered.  I really feel that, thats one of the first steps, go to your OBGYN. Find out who they like, who they work with."

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