State Senate candidate opening new medical school in St Louis

"How can we help provide more labor workforce for a lot of the rural and urban hospitals?" asks Dr David Lenihan, CEO of Tiber Health

The Randy Tobler Show
July 20, 2020 - 6:43 am

(KFTK) –  President and CEO of Tiber Health, and Oakville resident, Dr David Lenihan joined Randy to discuss his push to start a new medical school in St Louis, as well as his run for State Senate in Missouri's 1st district.

Lenihan says that the Ponce School of Medicine, based in Puerto Rico, is making a big mark,  educating, "about 15 percent, just my school, of all the bi-lingual doctors entering the US healthcare market."

They've been able to expand the school, investing about $200-million dollars for a new building, campus and academic health center with the next move being, "build a campus of that school in St Louis. And make St Louis the cultural capital center of health education."

"How do we train more minority physicans? How do we get more people from lower socioeconomic classes into the healthcare workforce?" asks Lenihan. "That's going to be the whole premise of the school."

Lenihan tells Randy that graduates of his program are more likely to go work in economically depressed and rural areas. 

"Our rural hospital systems are struggling to get doctors to go work at them.  Our urban core centers are struggling to get doctors to work in those areas.  We have enough doctors in Chesterfield and Ladue, we need to find a way to get doctors out into rural Missouri and the urban core," says Dr David Lenihan.


Learn more about the St Louis location of Ponce Health Sciences University HERE


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