'I'm going to be an optimist either way,' says Real Clear Markets Editor of possible election outcome

"He did sign tax-cuts, which weren't big enough," says economist John Tamny of Donald Trump's economic policy in his first term.

The Randy Tobler Show
October 27, 2020 - 7:00 am

(KFTK) – Economist and editor of Real Clear Markets, John Tamny, joined Randy Tobler to predict the economic outcome following the election, taking into account both candidates' policies.

"With Trump, the rhetoric is frequently worse than action," says Tamny.  "I've been very critical of Trump's comments about trade, about Trump's comments about China, I think they're anti-growth.  But what you find broadly is that you get, because he's a polarizing figure, you get a fairly libertarian outcome with it."

Tamny says Joe Biden's policy is different, "he's more unabashedly in favor of higher taxes on the rich, which I think are the most harmful taxes of all. They limit the amount of capital for businesses that create jobs."

The author of, They're Both Wrong, tells Randy that historically when Democrats win the White House, Republicans "very much re-discover their limited government roots, so they become a barrier, which I think is very positive.  So I'm going to be an optimist either way."


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