First time caucus-goer shares his caucusing for Mayor Pete in Iowa story

"It gives everybody a chance to see who's popular, right off the bat," says Iowa caucus attendee.

The Randy Tobler Show
February 13, 2020 - 7:30 am

(KFTK) – Chef Gordon Rader, the Program Director for Culinary Arts at Indian Hills Community College, caucused in Iowa last week for presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg.

He took the listeners behind the scenes of the Iowa caucuses.

"I voted for Trump, I've been a Republican for a long time," says Rader. "It's been interesting, I like some of  the things that he's done, but at the sane time, I feel for him. There's a point when enough tweets have come across the line, it becomes annoying."

Rader says he became aware of the South Bend Mayor in an ad, "he was clear and concise and he came across as knowledgeable."

The first-time caucus-goer says he enjoyed his experience, "it's a fun way to start (the presidential campaign).  And whats really fun, for me, was to get together with a lot of people."

"It was great conversation (at the caucus), we talked about issues," says Rader.  "The general conversation was; Pete is eloquent, Pete is well-educated, Pete is the guy that can stand up to Trump intellectually.  Whereas  (Sens) Warren and Sanders is just going to be an argument, constant argument (with Trump)."  

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