Local business changes course; shifts production to face shields

"This is our Apollo 13 moment," says Chris Lozano, President of St. Louis-based Halcyon Shades.

The Randy Tobler Show
May 11, 2020 - 6:07 am

(KFTK) –  Chris Lozano, retied Marine and President of Halcyon Shades joined Randy to discuss his company's efforts in the Covid-19 outbreak in the US.

In December, "I started to watch the virus spread across the globe, and I started anticipating potential problems with the supply-chain," says Lozano.  "Of course as it spread in February and into March, I knew it was going to impact our business. I sat everybody down one day and said, 'this is our Apollo 13 moment', what are we going to do to radically shift our business to lean into the crisis and come out ahead and do something good?"

Lozano got a suggestion from his staff, "well, we could make face shields. I recognized right away that we already manufactured with this material, had the people and access to goods and the resources to do it."

He said that conversation happened on a Thursday and the company jumped into gear quickly, "we made a prototype on Friday, we sold our first one on Monday, and we've been making them ever since."

"We went from making them by hand the first day to making five-thousand a day," says Lozano.

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