LISTEN: Feisty exchange between Tobler & caller on immigration, caller says 'they are not our people'

Tobler: "It was the great 'legal' immigration waves... that allow us to boast we are the most prosperous country."

The Randy Tobler Show
February 18, 2020 - 10:45 am

(KFTK) – Recently, "Rick" called in to discuss a more open immigration system topic on the Randy Tobler Show, and was a little unhappy with how it would affect Americans.

"You're talking about the lives of your fellow citizens, and you want this free immigration so that your fellow citizens have to compete with these immigrants," says Rick.  "You don't want minimum wage, because it's not profitable to the bottom line, but these are your fellow citizens and human beings you're talking about here."

Rick continued, "I really feel like you boomers, no offense, you inherited this America, that was homogeneous. It had a common culture, common values, and you guys sold it for the bottom line, and now we're ending up in this fractured, crazy America."

Dr. Tobler responds with stories from meeting immigrants during his recent trip to Washington DC.

"These guys are working three jobs," says Tobler, "they've been here between 10 and 40 years. They're legal citizens. They're putting their children, I'm talking half of them, half! Are putting their children through medical school."

"What more American value is there than a work-ethic and a family?" asked Tobler.

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