State Sen Bob Onder: 'Sometimes people's eyes glaze over when you start to talk about the minutiae of re-districting.'

"They really tricked Missourians into changing our re-districting system," Missouri State Senator Bob Onder.

The Randy Tobler Show
February 19, 2020 - 7:30 am

(KFTK) – State Senator Bob Onder joined Randy this week for a quick reaction to possible changes to the Electoral College, plus an update to the Missouri legislative session.

Randy calls the voter-approved Clean Missouri law, "nothing more than unelected bureaucrats being able to rig, gerrymander by fiat, essentially."

"We've made big progress in the past couple of weeks, since the Missouri Senate last week passed out a joint resolution" says the St Charles state senator, "to give Missourians a chance to again vote on a free and fair  redistricting system for the state."

Randy and Dr. Onder also discuss higher-education funding for illegal immigrants.

Since 2015, Onder says, "taxpayers, students and parents of the state of Missouri, won't be forced to subsidize the education of illegal immigrants."

Onder also addressed the epidemic of carjackings in the state and proposed legislation. 

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