New Missouri bill inspired by man serving 241 years for crimes he committed as a juvenile

Bobby Bostic "gets sentenced to 241 years. Eligible for parole at 112-years old," says State Rep Nick Schroer

The Randy Tobler Show
January 28, 2020 - 9:55 am

(KFTK) – Missouri State Representative Nick Schroer from St Charles says he was moved to act on juvenile justice sentencing, because of inmate Bobby Bostic who is serving 241 years for crimes he committed as a juvenile.

Schroer says 16-year-old Bostic with no prior record, "commits crimes one night in 1995 which didn't result in anybody being seriously injured," and went with an adult and car-jacked a woman, but stopped an attempted rape.  

The result of the crime spree, was the adult took a 30-year plea deal and, "Bobby Bostic, at 16 years old, the judge throws the book at him. Sentences him to the max and stacks all the penalties on top of one another," says Schroer.  

Schroer has introduced HB2201 in Jefferson City to address future sentences, and allow offenders facing life sentences a chance to submit a petition for review from the parole board.  

Schroer and Randy also discussed other bills in front of the Missouri legislature, including ones that address drug trafficking, residency requirements for law-enforcement, elder abuse, job creation for veterans and possibly paying college athletes. 

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