State Sen Dr Bob Onder: 'There are things we can do to make healthcare more affordable.'

"A school district in rural Missouri that only has 400 students will never be able to afford an AP calculus teacher or an advanced chemistry lab," says Dr Bob Onder in regards to online education.

The Randy Tobler Show
January 14, 2020 - 7:30 am

(KFTK) – Missouri Senator Bob Onder joins Randy Tobler to chat about the recently started Missouri legislative session.

"I think we can expand healthcare options, for instance, by following the Trump administration's initiative on short term health plans," says Onder, "which give people who are healthy a chance to buy true insurance to cover catastrophic condistions without all the bells-and-whistles."

Onder says there has been some disappointment in the area of education in the state, "our results in Missouri are quite frankly disappointing. ACT scores show that only about15% of children graduate proficient in math, sciences and reading."

"We really need to expand education choice options," says Onder.  He says that there are options already on the books for students in Missouri to take online courses or in a home school session,  "Missouri students have a right under Missouri law to do either of those things right now."


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