Taking stock of what's important during Covid-19 pandemic

"The most important thing now is to be calm with your children; to be present with your children," says psychoanalyst Erica Komisar.

The Randy Tobler Show
April 01, 2020 - 7:30 am

(KFTK) – Psychoanalyst Erica Komisar joined Randy to chat about her recent Wall Street Journal column,Mommy, I like Coronavirus and discussed ways to handle the situation with children.

She says the disruption to daily life can be difficult on families, especially when it comes to education.

"One of the beauties of what's happening is it's happening at the end of the year. So what I'm saying to parents is not to become too overwehlmed by having to  homeschool their children. The most important thing now is to be calm with your children; to be present with your children. It's not even to entertain your children," says Komisar, "it's do things with your children and be with them, but that doesn't mean entertain them."

Komisar says that there will have to be some changes once school resumes in the fall in a a more traditional setting, "they're going to have to catch-up next year with the schooling. In all the schools, they're going to be taking this into consideration."

Lots of lifestyle choices need to be made during this slowdown dealing with Covid-19 says Komisar, "this is going to reprioritize us  whether we like it or not, Corona is changing everything."

"Everybody is going to have to loosen their standards and expectations," of their children and themselves, says Komisar. "That in a way is a way to be centered and present right now, to get off this intensely ambitous track we put our children on and that we ourselves are on."


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