Rasmussen Pollster:'the race is tightening up again'

"Right now, nationally, we're seeing Biden with a five-point lead among all the voters nationwide," says Rasmussen Reports managing editor Fran Coombs.

The Randy Tobler Show
October 19, 2020 - 7:25 am

(KFTK)- Rasmussen Reports Managing Editor Fran Coombs joined Randy Tobler for a bit of election-day prognostication.

Coombs tells Tobler, "[Joe] Biden had a five-point lead as of Wednesday in what we call our Weekly White House Watch Survey."

"Two weeks ago Biden was out front by 12-points after the debate and after the President's Coronavirus diagnosis, after the Barrett nomination," says Coombs, "but it looks like the race is tightening up again."

Coombs says the early voting seems to be from Democrat voters, "our survey finds that Republicans want to vote in person. Democrats are more likely to say they're going to vote by mail."