Tobler on the Royal shakeup: 'The way it was done was shrill, and a bit offensive.'

"To me, that's snarky, that smacks of hypocrisy. If it's really about separating, well then separate," says Dr Randy Tobler.

The Randy Tobler Show
January 22, 2020 - 7:30 am

(KFTK) – Randy and Chad weigh-in on the "breakup" of the UK Royal Family, with Prince Harry and his American wife, Meghan Markle leaving England and their Royal duties behind to set up in Canada.

"I'm troubled by the fact that this is just another sign of the times in Western culture. The disrespect for tradition. The disrespect for parents, frankly, seems to be pretty rampant," says Tobler. 

Chad disagrees, "it's a new time and era.  Things are different now.  If you're having family feuds that ruffle feathers in your personal life, you definitely want to separate yourself from that kind of stuff."

Read the Queen's statement on the new arrangement  HERE


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