'They're not thinking about what's going to help Trump in this election,' says GW Law professor

"To have accepted the Trump administrations claims in this case would have been a radical expansion of executive power, and particularly executive immunity," says GW Law Professor Paul Berman.

The Randy Tobler Show
July 13, 2020 - 5:36 am

(KFTK) – Paul Schiff Berman, the Walter S. Cox Professor of Law at The George Washington University School of Law, joined Randy Tobler for discussion on the recent US Supreme Court rulings regarding Pres Donald Trump's taxes.

"The court, did in fact, reject the Trump administration's broad claims, in the one case, to Presidential imminity from any federal process," says Professor Berman, and rejected their claims of executive privilege, "with regards to Congress subpoenaing his financial records at all."

Berman says the court is making these desisions for the long-term.

"The Supreme Court has to look at the broad, jurisprudencial scope of the country. They're not thinking about what's going to help Trump in this election," says Berman.  "A ruling one way or  another will effect executive power potentially forever in  this country."

The cases were remanded to lower courts.


Berman is the author of the upcoming book The Oxford Handbook on Global Legal Pluralism, which will be published next month by Oxford University Press.

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