Dr Ken Haller: 'Social-distancing has been extremely important'

"If nothing happens, then we've done our job," says Saint Louis University Medical School professor Dr Ken Haller.

The Randy Tobler Show
March 30, 2020 - 10:14 am

(KFTK) – Dr Kenneth Haller, Professor of Pediatrics at Saint Louis University School of Medicine, joined Randy for a Covid-19 disucssion.

Haller commends St Louisans for their practice of 'social-distancing' and 'stay at home' as recommended by several local governments, "I'd prbably give it about a 'B'," says the doctor.  "What we have been doing about 'social-distancing' has been extremely important."

The practices being used to combat Covid-19, coughing into sleeves and washing hands,  are having some anectdotal effects on  the current flu season. 

"Now that people are taking that seriously, and keeping social distance,"  says Dr Haller, "this has been a really bad flu season, and it seems like it's stopping a lot more quickly than we would have expected. And that's a good thing.  That means that, if that's working that can be a marker for what's going on with Coronavirus."

Haller says the situation causes stress for a lot of people, and they are not alone.

"It's a very stressful time for everybody, and as a physician as a health care provider myself, I am certainly one of those people who's feeling pretty stressed right now."


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