Downtown bar owner, 'we feel that we were caught off guard'

"There's obviously a lot of people out there that want to come after success. We're a big target," says Wheelhouse Bar co-owner Jared Ater.

The Randy Tobler Show
August 12, 2020 - 6:07 am

(KFTK) –  St Louis bar owner Jared Ater joined Randy Tobler's show this weekend to highlight problems that his business, Wheelhouse,  has had dealing with the city and Covid-19 regulations.

"We feel that we were caught off guard, we had been operating within the guidelines, as we saw it," says Wheelhouse Bar co-owner Jared Ater. 

He says that he understood from Mayor Lyda Krewson's press conferences, "that it was not business's responsibility to be the mask police, be the social distancing police."

Ater says that a viral video "of people having a good time" resulted in a closure order from the city. 

"We've been operating at 75-percent capacity or less and there's plenty of room inside the venue for people to move around and find plenty of space if they so choose to be distant from other people," says Ater. 

He says the bar is a 'target' and, "the whole situation from our standpoint just caught us off guard.  We were never given due process, with saying 'hey this is what you've done wrong, we need you  to correct this.' We wer never given the opportunity to make it right, we were just immediately ordered to close.  From our standpoint, that's not right."

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