Wall Street Journal public health writer: 'It's really, really worrisome'

Doctors and nurses, "don't have enough protection," against Covid-19 says Betsy McKay of the Wall Street Journal.

The Randy Tobler Show
March 24, 2020 - 7:30 am

(KFTK) – Wall Street Journal Senior Writer, Betsy McKay joined Randy to discuss, "just the facts" of Covid-19.

"This is a big question, what is the mortality rate from this disease?" asks McKay, "it's a hard thing to figure out when you have a new disease. You pretty much know how many people died, there may be some questions, there may be people who died of this disease before it was recognized. There may be people who died and you think died of this, but really it was a heart condidtion  or something, but generally you kind of know."

"What you really don't know is the denomenator, how many people are infected," says McKay.

McKay also explained how the development of CDC testing for Covid-19 progressed, a test that was never supposed to, "test everybody in America."

"There were problems with that test whcih delayed getting it out," says McKay.  "It's just unusual that there would have been a problem with a test and they had to bring it back and re do it."

McKay also points out a communication issue between the government and pteh commercial market labs, "the government did not reach out to them, or did not get the message to them that, 'look, we're expecting a huge demand, we want to work with you and let's get these tests made."

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