The Tim Jones Show 10-18-20

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Sr Litigation Counsel Peggy Little: Amy Coney-Barrett is supremely qualified for the SCOTUS

Tim talks with Peggy Little about Barrett's qualifications to be on the Supreme Court. Tim also talks Halloween fun with Carl Middleman and MO politics with Bryan Spencer.

The Tim Jones Show
October 18, 2020 - 11:46 pm

This episode of The Tim Jones Show originally aired on 10-18-2020.  This week, Tim talks with Peggy Little, Senior Litigation Counsel @NCLAlegal @Trink44 of the New Civil Liberties Alliance.  They discuss Amy Coney-Barrett’s qualifications to become a SCOTUS Justice.  They also talk about packing the court and what it really means.  Tim talks with KFTK’s own Carl Middleman about things to do in St. Louis for Halloween and you’ll be surprised by all of the events available. Tim discusses Missouri politics and the upcoming election with Mo State Representative Bryan Spencer @BryanSpencer25 .  Former Missouri Speaker of The House Tim Jones is the host of The Tim Jones Show every Sunday night from 7p to 9p on 97.1 FM Talk in St. Louis, MO and online at – click on MENU/SHOWS/TIM JONES SHOW or on the app.  Each week Tim takes your calls and discusses the important issues that affect St. Louis, Missouri, The U.S. as well as what impacts our relationships worldwide.