Jack Gruber-USA TODAY

"There's Nothing, Nothing to Show That There Was Any Collusion"- Spakovsky

Hans von Spakovsky- Heritage Foundation

September 12, 2018 - 2:46 pm

Update on Strzok-Page Text Messages

Hans Von Spakovsky breaks down the new Strzok-Page texts describing a “leak media strategy."

 What is the stake for the country if these FBI agents tried to influence the election with leaks?

Hans explained that if this is what really occurred, more FBI agents and members at the DOJ need to be investigated and fired. “Strzok and Page thought this country was going the way of a banana republic,” Spakovsky said.

He added that these agents didn’t like Trump and that is the main reason they wanted to manipulate the election- not because our government was becoming a banana republic.

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