Second Amendment Radio
May 29, 2020 - 4:30 pm
This week on "2nd Amendment & The Great Outdoors" Our weekly gun guy Aaron Tarlow from Southern Armory has some good news regarding classes and training. The Chief of Florissant Police Department Weighs in on reopening of Missouri and what that will look like for the3 St. Louis County Area. Our...
Getty Images
July 03, 2019 - 1:15 pm
ST. LOUIS (KFTK) -- Carolina Waterfowl Rescue , an animal rescue group in the North Carolina area, wants your old bras after discovering that the clasps can be used to weld turtles’ cracked shells back together. Video of Rescue Group Wants Your Old Bras To Help Save Injured Turtles “It acts like a...
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The Marc Cox Morning Show
June 27, 2018 - 8:49 am
7th District County Councilman Mark Harder explains how he would like to fight the opioid epidemic in St. Louis County. The vote to approve a resolution creating an emergency task force to help control the opioid crisis was approved by The St. Louis County Council. The resolution explains that...
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