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Each week 2nd Amendment Radio talks about anything and everything that
impacts the rights and passions of today’s firearm’s enthusiats. Conceal
carry laws, hunting, training, new products and celebrity interviews are all
part of this power packed hour.
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Tales of the 112 lbs. Catfish

Monday, July 13th
This weeks Podcast Exclusive, did you listen to this weekends show? Are you ready to hear what Happens next? Well, we continued the converstation with Wade...

2ND Amendment Radio gone fishing

Saturday, July 11th
This week on "2nd Amendment Radio & The Great Outdoors" we talk to the St. Louis resident that caught the 112 pound catfish. we will see if we need to...

Firearm Sale hit new highs

Monday, July 6th
The week's Podcast Exclusive, We talk to Jesse from our sponsor Razorback Armory. You don't want to miss this all gun coversation. Will jesse ever get a break...

More to guns than just shoot

Monday, June 29th
This weeks Podcast Exclusive our sponsors from Osage county guns gives us the full run down on what needs to be done as far as training with your fire arm.

Keeping 2A Radio in check!

Saturday, June 27th
This week on "2nd Amendment Radio & The Great Outdoors" our gun expert Aaron Tarlow answers the question of how to actually keep your gun safe if you leave...