Weekend Report

The Weekend Report

Tony Colombo and Chris Arps give their thoughts on the week's biggest stories
in the news, sports, and entertainment. Tony Colombo has been in St. Louis
radio since the late 90s and joined the Dave Glover Show as a regular guest
in 2001. He has since become a co-host of the DGS as well as a daily
contributor to the Marc Cox Show and the anchor of the evening news reports
and special evening news programming.Chris Arps is a principal with Red Tails
Strategies, a public affairs, strategic communications and political
consulting firm. He was an aide to former U.S. Senator Jim Talent and the
late Missouri State Representative Sherman Parker. He is the co- founder of
Move-On-Up.org and Move On Up Television (MOU-TV).
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Weekend Report

Weekend Report 12-21-19

Sunday, January 5th
This week Tony Colombo and Chris Arps are hosting as Skip Weber hosts a special Christmas edition of the Weird News Challenge with Trish Gazall & Carl the...