Blue Line Radio

Saturdays 9pm-10pm

Standing on the "thin blue line" between law and disorder, Sgt. White and Officer Sparks bring to the listeners an unedited look into law enforcement from their personal perspectives based on their years of serving the St. Louis area.These men of the "Blue Line" have seen, heard, and have been immersed in it all. Their experience, knowledge, and street smarts is the energy that powers and drives the "Blue Line" radio show. From their sworn duty to defend and protect, Rich and Justin bring their professional and personal views to inform, educate, and entertain the listener with a professional and personal look at the rule of law and its enforcement."The Blue Line" is an inside look at the officer's point of view. Local, national, and world topics will be discussed. With an accepting attitude that welcomes honest and open discourse and dialogue, "The Blue Line will always be a community "open mic" no matter the subject involved. Guests and listeners will have a free and full stage upon which to analyze, discuss and debate the issues of the day with an understanding and appreciation of and for the diversity that we all work with and live in.