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Integrity Training Systems is a Personal Training and Nutrition company.We work for the individual and the gym owner. We have a specialized brand of fitness that puts a strong substantial focus on alignment, posture and eliminating muscle imbalances.We offer a free fitness assessment at all of our locations in order to identify where your structural weaknesses are before you start working out. No membership is necessary.We offer a thorough 3 month nutrition program where we instruct you on exactly what to eat, where to buy it, how to prepare it and what you should order when dining out. The inflammatory diseases of today originate from improper food choices. We do all that we can to help navigate you through the confusion and finish with all sustainable eating plan for a lifetime.Our objective is to teach people to make this a lifestyle not a goal.Our headquarters are located off of Winghaven Blvd. in O'Fallon Mo.Take a look at us at or call us at (636) 299-2208.