The Kevin Jackson Show

Saturdays 10pm-midnight

The Kevin Jackson Show started as The Black Sphere Radio Show. TBS Radio began as a humble program on blogtalk radio in 2009. The show garnered the notice of veteran radio man "Big Dave, who encouraged Kevin, saying he was " made" for radio. Shortly thereafter the program director at WGUL agreed and offered Kevin the weekend slot. He eventually took the spot of radio Hall of Famer, Neil Boortz, and now is syndicated around the country.The Kevin Jackson Show blends pop culture with politics, and is one of the most clever talk shows on the dial. If you like a heapin' helpin' of sarcasm and humor from a guy who learned to speak "LibTurd" as a child, then this show is for you.Kevin is unapologetically American, Christian, Conservative and a proud Capitalist!