Prime Time Healthcare

Saturdays 8pm-9pm & Sundays 9am-10am

It's P.R.I.M.E. Time to start taking your health seriously.  Dr. Josh and Dr. Joe are owners of multiple integrated medical clinics in St. Louis and are on a mission to change the way that healthcare is managed.  You don't want to miss these Docs Saturdays from 8-9pm and Sundays from 9-10am as they talk about the newest treatments out there for even the toughest conditions.  You also never know which one of their professional athletes or celebrities will be on with them.  This program is fully interactive so if you have a rare condition or just a question about your health, reach out to us on our website and you may just be part of the show with us!  Remember, feel young, have fun, and stay on top of your health.

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