Right at Home

Right at Home with Rich

Saturdays noon-1pm

Everyone deserves a home that looks good and functions well. Getting there though can be equal parts exciting and overwhelming. Rich Oris, of Mosby Building Arts, is here to share insights into the home remodeling industry and support you on your journey to a happier home. Every Saturday he covers topics ranging from design and architecture to remodeling inspiration and home maintenance advice. 

Rich has been in the industry since he was a teenager, working side by side with his father at their family remodeling company. Over the decades, he gained hands-on construction experience, going from Crew, to Project Manager, to Senior Home Consultant. He has been at Mosby Building Arts since 2001, helping homeowners create the homes of their dreams. One of his greatest assets is his natural instinct for solving problems. Rich and his guests are uniquely positioned to listen to your home desires and provide insightful home solutions.