The Weekend Report

The Weekend Report

Saturdays 5pm - 7pm

Host: Tony Colombo | Twitter - @TonyColombo971

Tony has been on the air in St. Louis for over 20 years, hosting shows on both music and talk radio.  He’s a married father of three, born, raised and still residing in north county (Florissant).


Co-Host: Chris Arps

Chris is a member of the Project 21 national advisory council, is a managing partner with the political consulting and public affairs firm Red Tail Strategies LLC and the co-founder of a 43 state network of conservative and moderate black Americans.


Producer: Carl Middleman | Twitter - @_CarlTheIntern


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    MOGOP Lincoln Days
    Photo by FM 97.1 Newstalk
    March 05, 2019 - 9:50 am

    Tony Columbo & Chris Arps live broadcasting at MOGOP Lincoln Days at the Sheraton in Westport Plaza.