Wellness Matters

Saturdays 3pm-4pm

Set your appointment with the doctor every Saturday afternoon at 3:00 PM. Dr. Eric Nepute and nationally-known guests expose the truth about health and reveal the options traditional medicine doesn’t give you. Revolutionize your health and your life with “Wellness Matters” on FM NewsTalk 97.1.DR. ERIC NEPUTE - One of the St. Louis area’s premier experts on natural family healing, author of “Divine By Design“ and the 2012 Chiropractor Of The Year, Dr. Eric Nepute is dedicated to helping families achieve their full potential through a healthy, pain- free and disease-free lifestyle. His approach to healing is supported by his team at the Nepute Wellness Center, all of whom share in Dr. Eric’s mission to empower each person to no longer be a victim of their health or circumstances, but instead learn how their body works and how to achieve a state of total wellness.Dr. Eric was trained in wellness care at the Logan College of Chiropractic with advanced studies in sports medicine, advanced nutrition, applied kinesiology, functional neurology, internal health and anti-aging. He possesses a unique ability to translate these complex health disciplines into simple to understand concepts which are easily adopted and can make a dramatic impact on your health and the health of your family.