climate change

(Gene Sloan, USA TODAY)
April 09, 2019 - 9:21 am
"Our Planet" is a new Netflix show from David Attenborough that shows the impact of climate change on the earth and contains some very shocking scenes. One of the scenes disturbing viewers the most involves walruses at the Bering Strait falling from a steep cliff and dying at its rocky bottom...
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 Jakobshavn glacier in Greenland
March 26, 2019 - 9:10 am
WASHINGTON (AP) — A major Greenland glacier that was one of the fastest shrinking ice and snow masses on Earth is growing again, a new NASA study finds. The Jakobshavn (YA-cob-shawv-en) glacier around 2012 was retreating about 1.8 miles (3 kilometers) and thinning nearly 130 feet (almost 40 meters...
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Crude oil well drilling pump
March 20, 2019 - 1:06 pm
WASHINGTON (KFTK) — Oil drilling in Wyoming has been temporarily halted by a federal judge who ruled that the U.S. Department of the Interior did not adequately take the climate into account when authorizing the lease of the land to be used for fossil fuel extraction. Judge Rudolph Contreras made...
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Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suggests people shouldn't have kids because of climate change
February 25, 2019 - 1:59 pm
WASHINGTON, D.C. (FM NewsTalk 97.1) - Just when you thought she couldn't possibly say anything more outlandish than the last, Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does it again. On an Instagram Live video, Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, while preparing food in her kitchen, suggested that people...
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A trailer home smolders (foreground) while floodwaters cover a large area in the Vernon County municipality of Chaseburg, Wis.
(Mark Hoffman/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel via USA TODAY NETWORK)
November 28, 2018 - 4:32 pm
By the year 2100, sea levels could rise by six feet and would impact up to 13 million Americans.
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